The Yellow Jackets Are Coming!!! The Yellow Jackets Are Coming!!!

So here we are yesterday at January 6, 2013 (it’s been winter for a while) and it happens again… I’m in the extra room relaxing (I have strep throat right now) and BAM! a yellow jacket dives off the ceiling out of no where in my direction! I shriek as loud as possible and get Thomas. This is supposed to be over……..

So, our apartment was taken over by bees… well… yellow jackets… this past Fall. *Cue Nikki Minaj’s “Beez In The Trap” song instrumental*

This is something to tell our kids, ha. I mean really, yellow jackets? It was like a horror story every night. Can you imagine??? I mean yellow jackets in the most intimate parts of our home…. at the most intimate times….”Hey babe, is that an earplug in the bed OR A YELLOW JACKET!?!?! AHHH!!!”, sitting on the toilet, *buzzz* “IS THAT A YELLOW JACKET?!!?! AHHH!!” , chillin watching TV- yellow jackets swooping down from the ceiling unannounced!! Ridiculous!

We were lucky to not get stung though. Probably, hundreds got inside our place. We isolated it to the bathroom finally. So we basically barricaded the door, sacrificed a bathroom for months (we have two).  The bee-guy finally came, late as fire, and told us that they were coming in through a tiny crack in the window that maintenance claimed they sealed for us already weeks ago (they really sealed our window shut, not the crack on the side). -_-

I figured they all died for the winter at this point. And the pictures and video we do have is not even the worst of it. So, we cleaned up every one of the bees and for now we have our bathroom back, but we don’t know if they’ll be back next Spring………………the Queen may still live within these walls……………………

Obviously, at least one big worker-one has survived thus far into yesterday. Freak occurrence?

Bees Near the Window Sill

-Stacey Shu


2 thoughts on “The Yellow Jackets Are Coming!!! The Yellow Jackets Are Coming!!!

  1. I have great sympathy for you both! I have a bathroom where every summer one or two wasps will just suddenly appear as if from nowhere, and it’s been going on for years, have spent years poking around trying to find where they are getting in, just when I think I know, I find I’m wrong. It’s very frustrating especially when I go to the trouble of putting fly nets on the windows!

    Have also had a huge wasp nest one year and I could hear them humming and crackling behind the wall!! They managed to eat a tiny hole through the ceiling! Apparently this is quite common for them to do that. I kept saying to friends and relatives that it sounded like they would come through the wall or ceiling, and everyone said ‘No – don’t be silly!’ Should have seen their faces when I told them the news!!

    My house is well over 100 years and I think they like the wood in the loft to build their nests with, probably softer than a new house, also the wood may not be treated with something they don’t like, as new wood today normally is. Well I wish you well and hope your problem doesn’t reoccur!
    Suzy 😀

    • Suzy,
      Yes! You had it worse than us. I cannot imagine wasps!! Thankfully, this is only our apartment, so if it gets worse, we’ll just move out haha. Bees, wasps, etc are so weird eating through wood and other materials. I can’t help when I see a wasp to assume its trying to sting me, they just look so menacing. 🙂 thanks for sharing your story!

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