About Us [inside the shu boxx]


The Shu Boxx has no borders, no limits, no tops, no bottoms, no sides…The Shu Boxx is personally responsible for the way we both think and act. It is… us. It is… a mindset. It is …our last name, Shuler, shortened to ‘Shu’ and written as ‘shoe box’ and spelled incorrectly to make a homophonic/metaphorical point. It iswhat it is.

Inside The Shu Boxx you’ll find a classic pair of Shus…

We are determined to think and live outside the box of LIFE and culture as we know it by expanding our knowledge, our expectations, our creativity, our faith, our state of mind —->towards something so much bigger than ourselves.

Here, and only here, you can expect to see updates about the nutty things that happen in our lives, funny tid-bits we come across, interesting and thought-provoking topics, and more all-around awkwardness….LOL. We’ll be posting pics and vids.

All That Being Said,

Welcome to THE SHU BOXX!

-Thomas and Stacey, The 2 Shus


8 thoughts on “About Us [inside the shu boxx]

  1. Hi Thomas and Stacey, to be honest I think you both also live outside the shoe Box not just think outside it – Love it , lots of fun , thank you.

    Christian Love in and outside the shoe box – Anne

  2. Great blog Shus! Your approach to following your business dreams is so closely aligned to ours. We’re looking forward to following your journey. Best of luck in everything you do. GO RAVENS!!

    Jen and JP,

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