God Hates Fags Protest of a Protest

Dear Readers,

Okay, so a couple good friends of mine from church informed me (via facebook) of some rumors about a church in my city, sister church of the Westboro Baptist Church, planning on protesting a local fallen solider’s funeral today, Sgt. David Chambers. I wanted to go there to be a part of the coming together of a human chain around the family to shadow them from the group during the funeral and graveside service. This would’ve been my first personal experience with a hateful group such as this.


By the grace of God, the group did not show up near the funeral sites on this date. But other groups really do show up and protest funerals across the U.S.! Protesting the very people that have fought and died for their inherent right to have a protest. I was choked up and outright disgusted at the thought of anyone actually going through such lengths to get the hateful message across. How especially disrespectful to do that at a funeral. I’m glad I did not get to see that today.

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2013-01-26 12.36.35

Today the family and funeral attendees only saw a large number of supporters as the funeral line arrived at the church and proceeded to the burial site. Many expressed their gratitude for us being there. Veterans, soldiers, civilians, & children lined the sidewalk with flags in hand, “God Bless America” signs, hands over heart, and hats off to Sgt. David Chambers, one of many who have died serving this country for us to have the freedoms we enjoy everyday.

-Stacey Shu