Shooting Hot Ones…March Cookie Madness

Yes! I DID hide the Girl Scout cookies, okay?! I will admit it. I bought them for me, and you said you didn’t want that kind anyway. “Eww, why didn’t you get the Samoas???” you said…… Wait…so, if you don’t like the kind I got, then why would you start eating them up so fast? There’s only like 4 rows of 5 cookies! So they’ve been taken care of LOL Stop looking for them. Hahahahaaaaaaaaa!

-Stacey Shu



Cooking for us

I cooked this for us yesterday–along with some rotisserie chicken I resurrected from 4 days prior. Turned out great! Though…I probably overdid the tomatoes with the Mediterranean seasoning I used, but I will know next time. It was still edible. Anyway, the veggies were fresh, and raw- not from a can or the freezer- to begin with (an accomplishment for me). Plus, I used to hate eating tomatoes, period. I’m glad a good friend taught me the wonders of cooking with honey! Ha.