Shooting Hot Ones…March Cookie Madness

Yes! I DID hide the Girl Scout cookies, okay?! I will admit it. I bought them for me, and you said you didn’t want that kind anyway. “Eww, why didn’t you get the Samoas???” you said…… Wait…so, if you don’t like the kind I got, then why would you start eating them up so fast? There’s only like 4 rows of 5 cookies! So they’ve been taken care of LOL Stop looking for them. Hahahahaaaaaaaaa!

-Stacey Shu



Pets Outside of Wedlock…


I’ll be the first to admit, we’ve done things out of order… before we were married having 4 “kids” and all….. BUT we wouldn’t have had it any other way. LOL We got to experience the joys of pet-parenthood before we actually made a permanent commitment to each other. So now we reveal… this little known fact about us… this dirty little secret of sorts… to the world!…….we have had hermit crabs for 3 years!!!

Yes, hermit crabs.

We’d pass the 10 gallon tank back and forth every month or so. Well, Thomas did keep them when I (Stacey) lived farther away- but they all stayed alive somehow when they were living with him alone! LOL We started off with 2, then grew to 3 and 4. We have a 30-gal tank now that we are married and live together…So we can accommodate 4… But unfortunately right before the Christmas season, we lost one to natural causes. *Sad time*…Well now, Let me introduce you guys!…


Little One



and Speedy: (He’s ALWAYS hidden in the dirt)



R.I.P. TREY: Gone but not forgotten

R.I.P. Trey

-Stacey Shu, Thomas Shu [The2Shus]

New Orleans Trip!!!!!!!

Will Not.
The Fun.
We Had.

Boom! Just got back this time last week from New Orleans, LA for the international conference for 5LINX.

Best Parts: The excitement, the encouragement, meeting so many new people from all across this country and Canada with the same goals and ambitions, getting in a good hotel within walking distance of the convention center. We had grilled alligator (Stacey didn’t enjoy it so much), jambalaya, and some local foods.

2013-01-11 13.45.45  2013-01-12 14.45.25  2013-01-12 10.58.42  2013-01-11 13.29.53 2013-01-09 22.05.31    2013-01-11 13.29.58

Worst Parts: Honestly… the 20 hour travel time via charter bus to Louisiana from Virginia AND BaCK. Hahaha But there’s always a silver lining because we made some solid relationships as we traveled, all suffering together in the uncomfortable situation. Knees aching, feet swelling, necks twisted, etc. Since we are newbies, it was great to form those relationships initially!

Training received?
Everything training-wise about the business was received by those in the top positions of the company who have done it. They used to be in our seats years ago. Very informative and simplified were many of the teachings, but they delved in a lot as well. Q&A sessions were available- we enjoyed those too! A lot that goes into this business is self development and getting over yourself, for lack of better term…tackling and overcoming your own mind, having a strong belief, leader-building, etc.

Who was there?
We heard the three co-founders speak with excitement about the state of the company. New services are going to be added to our already stocked line– including health insurance and we will be our own energy provider in the deregulation of energy this year. The android tablet was upgraded to Jellybean OS with the same glass as the iPad. More charitable partnerships, services etc too! We saw the cofounders present charity checks for the West Webster Fire department that incurred that deadly, senseless shooting near Christmas time. Greater than $11k given away to that fire department near where the 5linx HQ is (Rochester, NY). We can now appreciate the drive inside the co-founders to drive this business forward.

#LLBD Live Life By Design is the organization we are in within 5linx. One of the head-honchos, Mondez Hollomon explains our logo as having the belief to live life not as someone else designs it- not by how a boss or demands of a job designs it, etc. 5linx is the vehicle to financial freedom, so get it done and share the message. Real people are doing this business and achieving these goals and their visions. One life, you live it. We can roll with it. Another thing we like about our particular organization is that many of the people are faithFULL and share the same spiritual beliefs like we do. Everyone of every background is in this business though!

2013-01-10 20.49.42 2013-01-10 22.54.50

Who did we get to talk to?

At any given moment, we were rubbing elbows with those who are positioning themselves to receive 10k per month and UP residually and those who have made millions this business.


We got a chance to see two of the guys from our organization get promoted to Senior Vice President (SVP)- basically the first amazing achievement in our company in which the perks start. Higher percentage of the compensation plan, the company gives you a free BMW, 5,000 shares of stock options for when the company goes public, all expense paid annual vacations etc. Just a little something-something, right? And obviously everything is not about material things, we had the privilege to hear many stories of “why” people got into the business and these people ALWAYS have a “why” that is so much bigger than them. Humble beginnings most of these SVPs and this business opportunity has changed them for the better. We get our time back and replace the linear income with residual income. We will be there if we stay at it consistently. We have vision just like those in the top positions.

Our Business Partners/Upline/ Good friends: Here’s SOME pics of our team 🙂

2013-01-09 21.30.54

2013-01-11 08.48.02



me n shard

2dollaz 2013-01-10 20.03.37

Business Tid-Bits:

Anyone out there doing any network marketing, remember …don’t quit…There’s an incredible amount of personal growth to be gained from this type of business. Financial freedom is on the horizon…not bad for part time work at your own pace. We’re going to start saying…”Yeah, I’m working part time on my fortune, working full time on my job.” Why? Because it’s true.

All love,


2013-01-11 13.25.13 2013-01-11 13.25.24

 2013-01-11 13.25.052013-01-11 13.25.17





We are here in New Orleans having a blast. 5LINX International Conference. There is so much to learn in terms of self development
especially and general business that it’s astounding! Complete update to come when we return home.
-the 2 shus

P.S.- yes, we have had alligator to eat