If TheNewShu Were a Shoe, Which Shoe Would She Be? [2 of 2]


If I, Stacey, was a pair of shoes, I’d have to be a pair of blue, low-top converses. It just feels right because, well, first of all I own a pair, so I can attest that they’re comfortable. They’re a type of tennis shoe that can be used everyday. You can dress them up or dress them down. Wear them with skirts, tuxedos, skinny jeans, flare jeans, shorts, …pretty much anything, depending on the color.

The sole of the shoe is durable, but not too thin, not too thick. The outer canvas is easily penetrable by the outer elements- often the despicable combo of cold air and water. These two attributes of the shoe are the most important parallels to my own life. I feel like an everyday kind of person, ordinary. I’m able to adapt as the situation changes even though I might not fit in sometimes. I’m slow to speak usually, and very quick to listen and get quiet first. I probably over-reflect on what others might’ve said about me and to me which leads to my tendency to let foolishness rain on my parade. So, I have to watch where I walk because some environments can really muck up my inner Shu. There’s definitely a learning process in walking the narrow path in the narrow canvas of the blue converses. And honestly, I’m still trying to get some holes mended on mine.



If Shu Were a Shoe, Which Shoe Would Shu Be? [1 of 2]

shu's shoeShoes… Something so common nowadays that they might be taken for granted. Shoes come in many shapes, colors and sizes but they all share the same purpose, protect your feet meat. Some shoes are used specifically for style while some are used for comfort, with that being said, I (Thomas) would be a casual dress shoe like the one above. To me that shoe says “Hey I came here for business but I can cut a rug too.”

To further break this down, lets dissect the major portions of the shoe starting with the sole. To me, the sole of the shoe is the most important part because it comes in contact with some of the dirtiest and cleanest foundations you’ll ever see. Where you walk determines how worn-out your soul is going to be. I did some research and found out the sides of a dress shoe are called the quarter. The quarter is very important because it gives a shoe style and class. The tongue is important because if not used properly it can be very bothersome. If you’ve ever walked around with the tongue of your shoe bunched up you know what I mean. It can cause your entire foot to be uncomfortable and begging for relief. Shoes are very significant and can tell a great deal about a person. The next time you look at your shoes examine yourself and figure out what shoe you’d like to be…